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Welcome to my pics page!

Thanks for dropping by! This is my picture page everything here is stolen because i'm to lazy to make my own but I picked the coolest pics. If anyone has any other cool pics they think I should put on send the html to me. My e-mail is at the bottom of the screen.

You are the person to be excersized!

These are my pics

Manson combing his hair after a refreshing shower:
Marilyn with a lollipop in his mouth:
A pic of the Rev starring:
A picture of the cover of the LunchBox single:
A cool pic of Twiggy:
Pic from inside the lunchbox single!:
Manson petting a chicken:
Marilyn sleeping:
Pic of manson from the spooky kid days:
Open wide!:
Manson in his casual clothes:
Cool pic!:
Merry Christmas:
I'm thinking:
Twiggy brushing his teeth with Mickey Mouse tooth brush:
One of the best manson drawings!:
Back of AntiChrist Svperstar album:
I wonna be a super model:

E-Mail me if you have any cool pics of Mr.Manson!