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This   is   my   LINKS   page

Welcome fellow christians you have now stepped into the Antichrist realm. Please watch your STEP!

Here are a few links to friends and just cool pages!

Preaty Soldier Sailor Moon: This page is very well built and my friend spent alot of time on it!!

The Cult of Milla Jovovich: I am included in this cult and if you don't know who she is, she is the supreme being!(Must See!)

This Marilyn Manson's Kinderfeld 2, Come on in and play!

GamePro Online

WBS:One of the best chat sites on the web!A cool manson one!
: One of the best Manson pages!
Anti-Manson pageSomeone go bomb this ass's page!

You are the christian to enter the Antichrist realm!